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Mills Ormiston Rubber Pty Ltd, MOR Industries, specialised in Sponge and Solid EPDM profiles for extrusion and compression moulding.

Terpolymer of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM is a Rubber Material with Excellent Resistance to weather, sunlight, ozone, UV and more chemicals, heat and steam and wide range of chemicals.

There are three main properties of EPDM that make it so popular: heat resistance, ozone resistance, and weather resistance. In addition, it is resistant to polar substances as well as steam. It is excellent at insulating electrical currents. EPDM copolymers can be filled with more than 200 percent of their own weight in non-reinforcing fillers, resulting in a reduction in cost and price as well as in physical properties. These factors make this rubber suitable for a wide range of uses.

The EPDM material is highly resistant to acid, oxidizing chemicals, alkalis, brake fluid, hydraulic fluids, and animal and vegetable oils.

This rubber material is not resistant to petroleum and mineral oils, fluids and solvents, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.


Some of the special properties of our EPDM include the following:

  • ​40– 80 Duro Shore A Hardness

  • Fire Retardant compounds

  • Temperature Range between -20°C to 150°C

  • Potable water grades

  • Non-staining

  • Sponge or Solid construction

  • Excellent Electrical Insulation

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