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Mills Ormiston Rubber Pty Ltd - MOR Industries - is Australia’s largest manufacturer of silicone automotive ignition cable for the Automotive aftermarket. MOR Industries supplies bulk ignition cable to most major companies and brands in Australia. We are experienced specialists in the development and manufacture of performance ignition products including Resistive (suppression) and Inductive (spiral) core cables ranging in sizes from 5mm to 11mm.


All cables: single, dual and triple pass, include premium silicone insulation offering the optimum service and performance for the high under-bonnet temperatures encountered in modern vehicles. Standard cables are available or Mills Ormiston Rubber Pty Ltd - MOR Industries - can manufacture to meet your specific requirements and in compliance with ISO 3801 and SAE J2031 standards.


Complementing this, Mills Ormiston Rubber Pty Ltd - MOR Industries - is an Australian manufacturer of Ignition leads for one of the major brands in Australia.  We manufacture and assemble ignition leads in  Melbourne for the Auto Aftermarket to the highest quality demanded by the Australian consumers.

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