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Mills Ormiston Rubber, MOR Industries has the capacity to manufacture Silicone and EPDM moulded components in our range of Rubber Injection and Compression Moulding machines.  

We have the ability to manufacture tooling and produce mouldings in house as we have access to a range of overseas specialist Rubber Moulding suppliers. MOR Industries has an extensive range of standard moulded products such as grommets, buffers, bumpers etc.  Please refer our Catalogue 


We have a Plastic Injection Moulding to complement our manufacturing capabilities in the Melbourne Plant.  We specialise in plastic components for the Glazing - Window, Shower Screen  and the Automotive After Market.

We have 3 x 100 tonne capacity injection machines which allows us to manufacture small to medium sized parts for almost any application. Our injection dies are manufactured on site in our tooling department which provides minimal time between die design and finished part.


Components are available in Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, Acetal, ABS, Polycarbonate and Flame Retardant Plastics rated V2 and V0 standards.


Some Products are: 

Window handles, a variety of styles available

End caps, mullions and guide blocks

Fixed lite retainers

90 degree corner stakes

Carriage rollers


Shower screens:

Corner blocks
Adjustable corners stakes
end caps
Adjustable corner stakes for aluminium framed mirrors
pivots for screen doors


Auto aftermarket:
Thumb screws for cargo barriers
plastic head M6, M10 & M12 set screws
child restraint plastic outer & covers
tow bar hitch box covers
Trim plugs

Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow us to manufacture rubber extrusions and also produce an extensive range of standard profiles. For more options on Moulded Rubber and Plastics Products or Rubber Extrusions Products, please check MOR industries catalogue.

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