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At MOR Industries we have the range of profiles that are ideally suited to double-side taping.  They can be made from Silicone, EPDM solid or sponges and adhere to almost any surface.  We have the expertise to guide our customers on the options available to achieve the best solution for the manufacturing of their parts.

We can also Butt or Mitre join extrusions by either the glueing or vulcanising process.  This joining method provides a strong bond that enables profiles to be made into gaskets or complex shapes.  Applications include seals, appliance or lighting gaskets or general-purpose gaskets for many applications.

We supply gaskets to the lighting, mining, and rail/mass transport sector.

MOR Industries employs dedicated skilled finishers to ensure that your product is not only manufactured but also trimmed, finished and packed to the excellence that we maintain throughout our manufacturing cells.

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