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General Properties of Rubbers

This comparison table is a general description of the most common types of rubber, their properties and characteristics favour their applications in certain industries and restrict their use in others.

However, This is a general information and can help as a guide, for more deep information please contact our Sales Team.


An elastomeric compound is basically a mix of either natural or synthetic polymers plus some additives, processing aids and curing chemicals however what make them difference and suitable for your application in the choice of right ingredient and the knowledge of how to prepare and mix them together. Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide the best solutions with the right material for your application.

MOR industries is capable of manufacturing rubber compounds in different hardness, temperature rating, colours, and mechanical properties (high tear strength, tensile strength, and elongation, etc.) as per your requirements. For example, food grade, fire retardant FLAMMORGUARD™ , potable water grade, sponges, or solids.

With almost endless combinations of materials and forms in rubber extrusions and rubber moulding, we can always offer a suitable solution for your industry or company.

To download the MOR Industries' General Properties of Rubbers PDF comparison table, please click download button.

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