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We are one of the few rubber manufacturers in Australia able to manufacture rubber and plastic products in a wide variety of compounds from ingredients. 

MOR Industries has extensive rubber mixing systems that produce a vast and wide range of rubber and plastics compounds. Producing rubber includes compounds that are manufactured in specific repeatable recipes in many different compound structures. Curing agents, water repellents, fillers and additives are added to the base material to make specific compounds for specific applications.

The elastomers could be use in different applications, the standard rubber extrusions are weather resistant: EPDM, Silicone Rubber, Nitrile Rubber and plastics could be used for more specific products. Viton and Neoprene Rubber are used for application with a high performance. 





MOR industries are capable of manufacturing materials with variations in hardness, high temperature rating, colour matching, high tear strength, tensile strength, and elongation. For example, food grade, fire retardant FLAMMORGUARD™ , drinking water grade, sponges, or solids.

With almost endless combinations of materials and forms in rubber extrusions and rubber moulding, we can always offer a suitable solution for your industry or company. Contact us for further information or any advise in your project.

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