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Mills Ormiston Rubber Pty Ltd  - MOR Industries -  is the largest producer of Silicone extrusion products in Australia. We have a successful track record of extrusion and moulding solid silicone rubbers in practically all industries. New applications are added almost every day. Depending on the specifications of the manufacturer, silicone rubber can be extruded into tubes, strips, solid cords, or custom profiles.

Our silicone rubber products are used in industries like Automotive, Construction, Glazing, Rail, Electrical Application, Food and dairy among others.

We source our silicone polymer from Germany Wacker, a technology leader of silicone polymers. Some of the special properties of our silicone  rubber products include the following: 

  • 20-90 Shore A hardness

  • Solid and Sponge

  • Peroxide Cure

  • Platinum Cure

  • High-temperature resistance up to 300C

  • High-tear resistance

  • Food Grade

  • Fire Resistance

  • Medical Grade

We work closely with our

suppliers to assist with the

design and production of
3D printed Silicone parts for 
prototyping requirements
and new parts.

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