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Mills Ormiston Rubber Pty Ltd, MOR Industries, offers a wide range of neoprene products.


Neoprene Rubber has a very good resilience, weathering and abrasion resistance, moderate resistance to petroleum-based fluids and fire retardant properties.

Generally, Neoprene rubber is resistant to animal and vegetable oils, refrigerants, steam and Carbone dioxide, most moderate chemicals, acids and petroleum based-fluids.

It is however not very recommended to use Neoprene on alcohols, aromatic and nitro hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, chlorinated and strong oxidizing acids.


Some of the special properties of our neoprene products include the following: 

  • Fire / Flame retardant

  • Oil and fuel resistant

  • Sponge or Solid construction

  • Excellent Abrasion resistance

  • Extrusion and Moulding compounds​

  • Temperature range between -40°C to 100°C

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