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TRANSPORT (Rail, Bus, Marine)

The increasing stringent safety demands of Rail, Marine and other Mass Transportation for materials that are hard to ignite, releasing minimal toxic gases and low smoke volumes, have brought new challenges to suppliers in these markets.

Mills Ormiston Rubber Pty Ltd - MOR Industries - has responded to these challenges with the development of the FLAMMORGUARD™ range of materials designed to meet the highest categories of safety standards, while still retaining their functional and aesthetic characteristics.


  • EN 45545-2

  • NF F 16-101

  • UL 94 V0

  • BS 6853 Cat 1A

These new compounds are available in an increasing range of colours to suit the requirements of safety standards and attractive design. Mills Ormiston Rubber P/L  - MOR Industries - has worked closely with our polymer suppliers and our customer design engineers to develop and test effective solutions for the hardest of problems.

These successful partnerships have ensured MOR Industries figures strongly in an increasing number of specifications for new projects.
Applications include:

  • Window and door glazing rubbers

  • Door sensitive edge seals

  • Internal panel seals

  • Seat pedestal seals

  • Hand and grab rail gaskets

  • Drivers door seals

  • HVAC unit sponge gaskets

  • MCB insulator seals

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